A little break

Hello little blog.

I am sitting here catching up on hollyoaks and I mean catching up, I think this episode is from about 6 weeks ago and its still recording every night. Hubs is going to get slightly annoyed soon. Although we do now have 10% space rather than the 2% a few weeks ago. Oscar is having a nap at last and ive just had some lunch. Ravioli on toast if you’re interested. Not that I would be.

Things are plodding along here, which is the reason for the radio silence. Its not that I’ve nothing to blog about, I do, I just seem to have lost the mojo to do it.

I do have new hair tho. I decided to be sheep like and followed the dip-dye/ombre/whatever-the-hell-you-call-it trend, and im now sporting blonde hait from my chin downwards. It took 2 lots of hair bleach to get the colour right so now my hair feels a bit like straw but it looks good, if not a bit frizzy. I feel a bit like the before picture for some frizz-ease hot oil type stuff.

So yea. What you been up to?

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