Saturday afternon date

Papou and Yiayia had the little man this afternoon so me and hubby decided to make the most the child free afternoon. After getting a lift into town from Papou and Yiayia we hit the shops. The first stop was actually Paul’s favourite of the day, and it was only because we’d gotten a lift into town that we saw it.

Paul loves american sweets (I can’t call it candy, I just can’t) but root beer is his absolute favouritest drink in the whole world. Behind Coffee. Good coffee. Asda do sell a 6 pack of root beer but it’s not the proper stuff, so Paul had taken to buying cans of the proper imported stuff from a sweet shop in town for £1.50 PER CAN, such was his craving for rooty goodness. We walked past a newsagents today that had a big 4th July poster in the window, so being the dutiful wife that I am, I popped in and asked if they did root beer and they did! 2 different brands AND it was cheaper than the sweet shop in town. RESULT!

Then something else caught my eye. Tootsie Rolls. Pop Tarts. Lucky Charms. ALMOND M&M’s!!!!! We had stumbled upon an Aladdin’s cave of american sweets and drinks. Paul wanted to kiss the newsagent in happiness, but thankfully he didnt. Although the newsagent did say Paul’s delight was the most extreme reaction he had seen. We ended up spending nearly £7 on these goodies, but it was worth it. I know where I’m getting Paul’s birthday presents from! If you’re in Canterbury then pop in to Dover Street Newsagents (behind the cinema, a few doors up from the Flying Horse) They have a facebook page and they get new stock in every 2 weeks. Much better AND CHEAPER than Mr Simms and tesco.


After Paul had calmed down and we had bumped into his old history teacher from Southampton, we pondered where to get food. Somewhere completely and utterly child unfriendly, just to make the most of not having him with us. We ended up in our favourite pub, Lady Luck, in all its rock n roll, pin up, alternative glory. Heaven. We both ordered burgers and they were immense. Paul had a “Lady Luck”, 2 burgers with cheese, bacon and jalepenos while I had a bacon and blue cheese burger. I also treated myself to an alcoholic milkshake, twas yummy! We were both so full we couldn’t manage dessert, a rarity for me.


Soon it was back to reality though, back to mummy and daddy duties. Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends. What did you get up to?


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