Happy 26 months

Hello darling oscar

Today you turned 26 months.You’re a fully fledged toddler now, something I can’t quite get my head around. You’re certainly letting us know though, especially with your tantrums which usually happen when cruel mummy won’t give you a biscuit first thing in the morning.

You’re such a little chatterbox these days. You are constantly talking and I love our little conversations. Some of the things you come out with are really bizarre like “Stop! Stop! Just remember” complete with finger pointing. You’re like a little sponge as well, the things you pick up. Today after watching ben and holly everything has been aliens or smartypants.

Mummy burnt something in the kitchen the other day and you went and got your firemans hat and came in the kitchen saying “emergency! emergency!” Then went and got your ride on fire engine. You also learnt to count to 10 this month. Mummy and daddy are very proud of you and hope you never stop learning.

You’ve been helping us lots this month too whether its unloading the washing machine, getting something for mummy or watering the plants.

Your sleep is still a bit hit and miss, but I dont mind if I get to have Oscar snuggles, and you do ask for them so nicely. Daddy gets a bit put out that you never want daddy snuggles.

I love you with all my heart and I love being your mummy, it is the best job in the world.

Love you lots and lots my little man.

Mummy xxx


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